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Elder law is an area of the law that concerns itself with the issues that affect the elderly. With Baby Boomers now in their 60’s and 70’s, there is a growing population who need help in a wide variety of areas. From estate planning, Wills, trusts, disability and guardianship to retirement planning and Medicare, Elder Law seeks to address the issues that concern the elderly.


In 1965, LBJ signed into law the Older Americans Act (OAA), which is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services. The OAA works to authorize grants to each state for community planning and a number of service programs in the field of aging.


Elder law is made up of three distinct areas including:


Estate Planning (includes administration and tax issues)
Guardianship and conservatorship
Medicaid, disability, and long term care

Protecting Your Tomorrow, So You Can Live For Today

Elder Law covers almost any issue, question or concern for the elderly, such as elder abuse, Wills, end-of-life planning, social security benefits, nursing homes, medical care directives, powers of attorney and many others. Elder Law works to protect the hard-earned assets of seniors and veterans from the high cost of nursing home care and assisted living expenses.


In order to accomplish this, it requires careful planning and sound strategies. The goal is for seniors, veterans, and their families to be able to look forward to the future without fear. Seniors should be able to maintain their normal standard of living and remain on their own as long as they desire and are able to do so.


30 Years of Elder Law Experience


For more than 30 years, Houston law firm, Riddle & Associates PC has worked with senior citizens, veterans and their families to help them move into their future with confidence. Our attorneys often work with financial planners, social workers, Medicare and Medicaid to provide clients with a high level of security. We have an exhaustive set of tools at our disposal and can assist seniors regardless of their needs and concerns through estate planning, wills, guardianship and more.


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We can assist our clients in a variety of ways from offering professional advice on estate planning to setting up a trust that protects specific assets. The attorneys at Riddle & Associates PC can explain the various programs available and help you make an informed decision regarding the most critical aspects your future. We take pride in helping our clients make sure all their financial affairs are in order so that they and their families can enjoy peace of mind. Please contact us for more information about Elder Law in the State of Texas.

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